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What Makes A Successful Office Space?


If you’re considering buying your business its very own commercial property in the new year, you’ll need to know what makes a successful working environment. We outline 5 things that can mean the difference between a lacklustre office and a happy, productive one.  

1)    A commercial mortgage you can afford 

A company that invests in the happiness and wellbeing of its employees, even if it’s just simple perks like free fruit, will see their staff working harder and becoming emotionally involved in the success of the business. While perks don’t have to cost the earth, if your mortgage repayments are particularly high, you’ll have very little disposable cash to show your workforce you care. So, ensure you get the very best deal with your commercial mortgage by contacting experienced brokers to scour the market for you.

2)    Let in plenty of natural light 

Numerous studies have shown that natural daylight is great for a range of reasons, most notably it helps to boost productivity, enhance employee happiness and can even improve quality of sleep, therefore lowering fatigue. So, when you’re searching for your commercial property, try to find somewhere with large windows that let in lots of daylight to get the very best out of your workforce. 

3)    Give your employees a space for breaks

It’s important to give your staff a place to relax and unwind away from their desk so they can recharge their batteries. Successful businesses provide staff with a dedicated break room that includes more than just a place to eat lunch. Try stocking your breakout area with such treats as healthy snacks, board games, newspapers and other reading material. 

4)    Brighten the office with plants

Aside from injecting the office of your commercial property with busts of vibrant colour, real plants in the workplace have been proven to have lots of positive effects for your employees. Such benefits include reducing stress levels, sickness and absence rates as well as boosting productivity, air quality and even retention rates. 

5)    Invest in quality furniture

There’s nothing worse than having to spend 8 hours a day sitting at a desk with an old, worn out chair that offers no support. So, to keep your employees healthy, happy and focused, invest in quality office furniture. Again, if you get a great deal on your commercial mortgage, then you’ll be able to afford the very best for your business’ most important asset – your staff. 

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