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Factory & Warehouse Commercial Mortgages Explained


At FC Funding, we can provide all types of commercial mortgages for factory and warehouse purchases, from freehold or long leasehold properties to new-build or existing premises.

The benefits of buying your own factory or warehouse 

If you are currently renting your premises, you may find that when you buy the building where your business operates, your commercial mortgage repayments may be less each month than your rent. That’s because our lenders offer dedicated factory and warehouse commercial mortgages that boast fantastic interest and loan to value rates. In addition to these potential savings, when you own the building where your company operates, you are no longer answerable to a landlord, allowing you to take back complete control of your entire operation. What’s more, at the end of the term you will be the proud owner of the factory or warehouse which you can then continue to use, sell or rent to supplement your income or pension. 

Buy to let factory and warehouse mortgages

At FC Funding, we have noticed that owners of factories and warehouses who rent their premises to businesses can benefit from higher returns on their investment than if they invested in the residential buy-to-let property market. This is mainly because businesses tend to rent properties for much longer periods of time than private tenants which gives you greater stability and reduces the risk of having empty periods with no rent coming in.

What you can expect for factory or warehouse commercial mortgages:

From warehouses and factories to industrial units and workshops, our commercial mortgage products can be used to purchase any type of industrial building and, thanks to our connections, our lenders offer very favourable rates and we can even arrange to use asset/invoice factoring finance to grant you 100% of the purchase price. 

  • Minimum loan of £25,001
  • Up to 25-year term
  • Up to 100% loan to value with additional security 
  • Interest rates from 2% above Bank of England base rate
  • Speedy application and acceptance process 
  • Asset or refinance available for purchase of machinery and equipment
  • Invoice factoring finance 

Our team of experienced brokers pride themselves on getting our customers the very best commercial mortgage deals that are tailored to their specific needs. To get the process of buying your own factory or warehouse started, contact us today online or call 01202 937880