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Owner Occupied Commercial Mortgage (purchase)


An Owner Occupied Commercial Mortgage is where an applicant is looking to purchase a property to run their business from.

With Owner Occupied Commercial Mortgages these are looked at more favourably than investment mortgages as the lenders feel there is less risk with this type of mortgage. The lenders will look to offer a standard loan to the value of around 70-75% with the exception of one particular high street bank who can look at 80% LTV on an owner-occupied commercial mortgage but this is trade dependent.

Another advantage of owner-occupied commercial mortgages is that the rates that the high street lenders charge are considerably lower and the terms of the commercial mortgages can be longer if required by the client. Interest rates can be fixed or variable.

Owner Occupied Commercial Mortgages

Owner Occupied Commercial Remortgages

Owner Occupied Commercial Mortgage (Remortgage)

We can source a remortgage of an owner-occupied commercial mortgage with loan values up to 80%. You can use these commercial mortgages to either move onto a better package from your existing mortgage provider or raise capital to help you grow your business. The package offered by the lender is subject to the status of the clients, the trade that you are in and performance of the business. The commercial mortgage loan to value will usually be based against the bricks and mortar value of the property, however, in some instances, the lenders will base the loan to value against the full business appraisal (which would include the goodwill of the business).

Acceptable Property Types for Owner Occupied Commercial Mortgages Retail

  • Retail Properties (shop or shop with flat above)
  • Hotels & Leisure Related Properties
  • Agricultural Properties
  • Industrial Units
  • Care Homes
  • Educational Properties
  • Office Buildings
  • Professional Properties (Doctor or Vet surgeries, solicitors offices etc)

Owner Occupied Commercial Mortgages

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